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Glenbrooks Semifinals Legislation Analysis

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Glenbrooks Semifinals Legislation Analysis


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Watch Bailey Rung as he discusses A Bill to Establish the National Infrastructure Bank, A Bill to Repeal the Jones Act, and A Bill to Utilize Phage Therapy in Place of Antibiotics in Cattle. His analysis will provide you with the background knowledge, argument ideas, and key cross-x questions that you'll need to succeed in Semis.

Our service for Congressional Debate and Extemporaneous Speaking includes a variety of videos designed to keep students engaged and informed about the world. First, we will host our own newscast videos that discuss world events in the context of application of the information to a speech. These videos will be streamed live every other week so that students and coaches may Tweet questions to the news anchor and have her answer them on-air. The non-live episodes will be ready for viewing on Thursday afternoons. Next, we will have bi-weekly advice videos discussing how to become better at cross examination, analysis, persuasion, and more. Finally, we will have in-depth analysis of Congressional Debate Semi-Finals and Finals bills for selected major tournaments, which will be ready shortly after the legislation is released. Selected tournaments are: Yale, Crestian Tradition, Bronx, Blue Key, Glenbrooks, Harvard, Berkeley, the Tournament of Champions, NCFL Grand Nationals, and NSDA Nationals.