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June Lincoln-Douglas Brief

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June Lincoln-Douglas Brief

Resolved: Violent revolution is a just response to political oppression.


Our June Lincoln-Douglas Brief is 339 pages long and includes in-depth Topic Analyses by Sheryl Kaczmarek, Charles Karcher, Shankar Krishnan, and Daniel Shatzkin, 250+ cards, Framework suggestions, and more!

Our briefs for Lincoln-Douglas Debate are fundamentally different than other available files. Lincoln-Douglas Debate is moving quickly in two different directions: traditional and progressive. We realized that no other brief approaches the event with this knowledge in mind. Our briefs provide both traditional and progressive style analysis and argumentation to ensure that every debater is well prepared, no matter what style they follow. Each brief includes four topic analyses from the Champions of major national tournaments, some being traditional debaters and some progressive. Following this, we provide you with basic and advanced frameworks and theory shells to help you achieve an understanding of the plethora of approaches to the topic. Each brief includes 200+ cards, spanning from philosophical standpoints to real-world events. We believe that our briefs will provide you with the most developed understanding of every topic and every perspective.