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May 2015 Public Forum Brief

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May 2015 Public Forum Brief

Resolved: Corporate influence in education is detrimental to society


Our May 2015 Public Forum Brief is 253 pages long and includes in-depth Topic Analyses by Megan Hirsh, Justin Katz, and Anna Waters, 239 cards, General Information about the topic, Framework suggestions, and more!

Our briefs for Public Forum Debate are powerful tools because of their structure, quality, and quantity of included arguments. Each brief includes topic analyses by highly reputable coaches and alumni, who diligently dissect the resolution and offer a unique perspective. Following this section, we provide you with background information on the topic before delving into the arguments themselves. Our briefs include 15 heavily warranted arguments on each side of the topic. Every argument is paired with blocks and answers to ensure that you are prepared for anything. Our expert writers provide analysis for every argument and answer to provide a better understanding of the argument logic.